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Franz Josef/Fox Glacier Summit to Sea 3,4 & 5 day expeditions
4 Day Fox Glacier Expedition: (Our newest trip highlight!!)
New Zealand has 3150 glaciers; one for every 1000 residents. The biggest is the Tasman, 30
klms. long and sedate skiing with daily ski plane access from Mt. Cook village.
However just over the Main Divide on the West Coast are two glacial giants, the Fox and the Franz Josef.  We travel down to Chancellor Terrace alongside the 2nd Icefall and within sight of the glacier's terminal face. The glacier 's changes are spectacular as it descends to the rain forest and coastal plain. Geoff has travelled this route with several parties and recommends it as "truly one of the best 4 day mountain/glacier experiences in the World."

It links as a perfect upgrade partner to our Mt. French Trek/Climb.
Day 1: Wanaka to Fox village/Fly to Pioneer hut at 2,400m.
Day 2: Climb of Mt. Grey/Governor's Col w/views of Tasman Glacier.
Day 3: Descend snow passing upper icefall to the flower Chancellor terrace
& hut.
Day 4: Tramp down to green ice at Victoria Flat. Cross to Pashendale moraine trough.
Regain ice below lower icefall & descend ice ribs to guided walk track at the glacier toe & Fox village. Paddle in the sea at Knights Point en-route to Wanaka.
Cost: (4 days-based on costing for 3 persons): $1650 p/p Fly-out option from Chancellor hut/or Victoria flat: +$100 p/p
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Mt. Grey (2865m) & the Main Divide Bivouac on Fox glacier & Mt. Tasman
Ocean of ice:  The Fox Glacier neve is one of the biggest icefields in NZ which feeds the tumbing icealls of the lower glacier within sight of the West Coast.

Evening light on Franz Josef Glacier.



Alpine Buttercup & Fox Icefall
A photographers dream.......... 

Foreboding Sky & cloudplay over Main Divide Giant Celmisia flowers & C. hut & glacier
Wendy and Warwick Ashley exploring
ice caves on Victoria flat
The journey's end - the West Coast
and a crisp dip in the Tasman Sea
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