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Images from Aspiring/Shovel Flat November 2011

Avalanche path/Ice caves of Shovel Flat

In 1909 Maud Moreland travelled down the West Coast by herself. In she book Travels through South Westland she recalled visiting Ice Caves in the West Matukituki Valley.

These were no doubt caves in the avalanche debris of Shovel Flat. Visit them with Geoff & Mt. Aspiring Treks mtaspiringtreks.htm

Essay by Geoff Wayatt

Looking for George Mallory

A personal encounter by Geoff W.

Photo Essay by Geoff Wayatt
(From Wanaka Art School Workshop project)

The Adventures of Cedric the Scarecrow

Mt. Cook Expeditions
Franz Josef /Fox Glacier
Summit to Sea Expeditions,  
An opportunity to explore a magnificent tongue of ice Mt. Grey to the Fox village.
Mt. Aspiring Guided Treks &
Mt. French Trek/Climb Expeditons
One of our fun Matukituki trips involving 3 & 4 days of tramping and climbing for fit enthusiasts.
4 day Mt. French/Mt. Aspiring View- A "Lonely Planet Guide" recommendation!
Mt. Aspiring Climbs

Image: Geoff nearing Aspiring's summit via SW ridge ascent on 74th ascent.
photo: Andrew McLeod

Mountainrec Nepal Expedition

Led by Geoff Wayatt Group size: 6 - 8 persons

Free Skiing - A search to the edge
Private tours - A selection landscape and portrait images from Geoff's personal adventure library
Avalanches: The enigma and the survivors tales
Copland Pass - A 4 day Southern alps alpine classic trek/climb hosted by Mountainrec, Wanaka. photos April 2003
West Coast Adventure 2000: a journey into the unknown - body, mind and spirit. A 20 day tramp/kayak/raft/climb & grovel from the headwaters of the west Matukituki valley to the cutural capital of Wellington. Admission - Some staging was completed by iron horse (Bronco)
Team: Rae & John Sheridan; Beryl and Geoff Wayatt
Geoff's Mountain Photos: A selected web exhibition.